Nutrition Month

Each year during the month of March, Dietitians of Canada presents Nutrition Month to celebrate food and healthy eating and shine a spotlight on dietitians’ role in providing effective, credible nutrition guidance to Canadians. Dairy Farmers of Canada is a proud sponsor of Nutrition Month 2021, with our dietitians taking the stage by creating engaging nutrition resources and content for health professionals, educators and you!

Dietitians of Canada’s 2021 Nutrition Month theme explores how culture, food traditions, personal circumstances and nutritional needs shape what healthy eating looks like for each of us. The theme “Good for you! Dietitians help you find your healthy” showcases the expertise of dietitians and how they are uniquely positioned to provide advice for achieving nutritional health.

Let our dietitians help you find your healthy!

The dietitians at Dairy Farmers of Canada celebrate this year’s Nutrition Month by providing you with this website to nourish your mind and give you tips, ideas and strategies to support your personal food and health journey.

If you are a health professional, you can also visit to order or download more Nutrition Month resources. Educators can download additional Nutrition Month resources here

Check out to find resources from Dietitians of Canada.

Happy Nutrition Month!